WHOM vs WHOSE: How to Use Whom and Whose in a Sentence

What’s the difference between Whom vs Whose in English?

How to Use Whom vs Whose

How to Use Whom

Whom is an object pronoun like “him, her, us”,… We use WHOM to ask which person receives an action.


  • Whom did you choose for our team leader?
  • She’s the woman whom I met in Greece.
  • To whom did she send the book?
  • He took out a photo of his son, whom he adores.

How to Use Whose

Whose is a possessive pronoun like “her, his, our“,… We use WHOSE to find out which person something belongs to.


  • Whose keys are on the kitchen counter?
  • Whose name is after yours on the list?
  • That’s the man whose house was burned down.
  • She’s an artist whose work I really admire.

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