TO vs TOO: How to Use Too vs To Correctly

TO or TOO? TO and TOO sound alike but have extremely different meanings and usages. Learn what’s the difference between TO vs TOO and how to use them.


What is the difference between to and too?

These are both commonly confused words but differ greatly in use and meaning.

How to Use TO

1. To is a preposition.

  • She stood up and walked to the window.
  • He sent presents to the children.

2.  To shows the infinitive form of a verb.

  • It was starting to rain.
  • Are you ready to start?

How to Use TOO

1. Too means “as well” or “also”.

  • – “I’m feeling hungry.” – “Me too.”
  • He was a teacher too.

2. Too conveys the idea of “in excess”.

  • The house is too expensive.
  • I ate too quickly and got hiccoughs.

TOO vs TO | Difference between TO and TOO | Infographic

To vs Too – What’s the Difference?

To vs Too

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