Useful Temperature Vocabulary: How to Express Temperature in English

In this article, we’ll learn some temperature vocabulary and expressions in English.

Temperature is a degree of hotness or coldness the can be measured using a thermometer.

In daily life, we mostly use degrees Celsius (C) as a temperature unit. It is used in English-speaking countries apart from the U.S. On the other hand, Fahrenheit (F) is used as a temperature unit in the U.S.

Below are useful temperature vocabulary and expressions you should know.

Expressing Temperature

  • It is 5 below. (-5 degrees)
  • It’s 30 degrees Celsius. (30oC)
  • It’s maximum 45°F in the morning.
  • It’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit. (20°F)
  • It’s two degrees above zero. (2 °C)
  • It’s 35 below zero. (-35°C)
  • It is very hot outside. It is about forty-two degrees. (45°C)
  • It is very cold today. It is about one degree above zero. (-1°C)
  • The temperature inside is plus 10 degrees. (+10°C)
  • The temperature outside is minus twenty degrees.  (-20°C)
  • It is over 25oC.
  • The thermometer showed a temperature of –38°C last night!
  • The temperature reached 36°C.
  • Water boils at 212°F. (at two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit) or Water boils at 100 °C (at one hundred degrees Celsius (centigrade)).
  • Water freezes at 0°C. (at zero degrees Celsius) or Water freezes at 32 °F  (at thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Your temperature is high/ normal/ low/ below normal/ too high/ lower than normal, etc. It is 36.3 °C (thirty-six point three degrees)/ 37 °C (thirty seven degrees)/ 40.9 °C (forty point nine degrees), etc.

Common Temperature Vocabulary Words

Here is a list showing temperature vocabulary.

  • Cold: low temperature
  • Hot: high temperature
  • Warm: slightly hot, especially in a pleasant way
  • Cool: slightly cold in a pleasant way
  • Chill: cold
  • Freezing: extremely cold
  • Mild/ Moderate/ Temperate: neither very hot nor very cold
  • Boiling/ Scorching: very hot, often used in negative/ positive contexts
  • Humid: hot and damp. It makes you sweat a lot
  • Muggy: warm and damp in an unpleasant way
  • Stifling: hot and you can hardly breath
  • Sweltering: hot and uncomfortable

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Temperature Vocabulary and Expressions

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