OKAY Synonym: 35 Amazing Synonyms for Okay

Synonyms for OKAY!!! The word OKAY has many uses in American English. In this English lesson, we are going to explore some OKAY Synonyms.

OKAY Synonyms in English

The word “Okay” is a common word in a conversation. There are many synonyms words for Okay. This is a list of interesting Synonyms for OKAY for English learners.

1. Green light

2. Agree to

3. Go

4. Yep

5. Certify

6. Moderate

7. Respectable

8. Pleasing

9. Of course

10. Passable

11. Confirm

12. Okey Dokey

13. Notarize

14. Authorize

15. Endorse

16. Surely

17. Satisfactory

18. Acceptable

19. Tolerable

20. Correct

21. Good

22. Not bad

23. Up to scratch

24. Permitted

25. Accurate

26. No problem

27. Assent

28. Alright

29. Yes

30. Pass

31. All right

32. OK

33. Approved

34. Middling

35. Fine

OK Synonym Examples

Below are some OK Synonym examples:

  • We must just agree to differ on this.
  • Yep, it’s a sad story, thanks a lot for your sharing.
  • Of course, I automatically said yes.
  • Surely I’ve met you before somewhere.
  • My brother will confirm what I have told you.
  • No problem,” he said jovially.
  • Yes, what you say is right.
  • All right, all right. I understand.
  • OK. I’ll tell him that you called.
  • That’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

Useful Synonyms for Okay | Infographic

Okay Synonyms in English

OKAY Synonyms in English

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