A Big List of Prefixes and Their Meaning

This is a List of Prefixes in English with meaning for ESL Students.

Prefixes are a syllable, or group of syllables, added to the beginning of a word to alter its meaning. Prefixes help to add complexity to the English language and make it possible to create new words that are easily understood by speakers everywhere.

List of Prefixes with Definition

Below is a list of Prefixes plus definition and examples you should know.

1. Ex-

  • Definition: Former, older
  • Words: ex-president, ex-boyfriend, exterminate, ex-wife

2. Dis-

  • Definition: Not, opposite of
  • Words: discord, discomfort, disengage

3. Anti-

  • Definition: Against
  • Words: antidote, antisocial

4. Pre-

  • Definition: Before
  • Words: preview, pretest, prevent, preplan

5. Mis-

  • Definition: Wrong, wrongly
  • Words: misjudge, misinterpret, misguided, mismatch, misplace

6. Post-

  • Definition: After
  • Words: postgraduate, postdate, postnatal

7. Auto-

  • Definition: Self
  • Words: automobile, autobus, automatic

8. Re-

  • Definition: Again
  • Words: rewrite, reread, return, review

9. Un-

  • Definition: Not
  • Words: uncover, unlock, unsafe, unemployment

10. Ir-

  • Definition: Not
  • Words: irregular, irresponsible, irritate

11. Mid-

  • Definition: Middle
  • Words: midterm, Midwest, midstream, midway, midnight

12. Over-

  • Definition: Too much
  • Words: overload, overdo, overact, overboard, overdose, overweight

13. Semi-

  • Definition: Half
  • Words: semicircle, semiprecious, semicolon, semifinal

14. Fore-

  • Definition: Before
  • Words: foreshadow, foresight, foreseeable, forecast, foreground

15. In-

  • Definition: Not
  • Words: invade, inedible, incapable

16. Non-

  • Definition: Not, without
  • Words: nonsense, nonverbal, nonstick, nonspecific

17. Inter-

  • Definition: Between, among
  • Words: interstate, international, intermission, intermingle, interface

18. Sub-

  • Definition: Under
  • Words: submarine, subtext, substandard, substitute, subversive

19. Super-

  • Definition: Above
  • Words: supersonic, superstar, supernatural, superstore

20. Trans-

  • Definition: Across
  • Words: transatlantic, transcend, transfer, transact, transport

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List of Prefixes

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