List of 9 Useful Irregular Adverbs in English

An irregular adverb is an adverb that is not formed from standard English spelling conventions. Here is a list of common Irregular Adverbs.

Irregular Forms of Adverbs

Most adverbs are formed by adding ly to an adjective. However, some adverbs are irregular.

Here is a useful irregular adverbs list which does not follow the normal rule.

1. Good -> Well

2. Fast -> Fast

3. Hard -> Hard

4. Late -> Late

5. Early -> Early

6. Daily -> Daily

7. Straight -> Straight

8. Wrong -> WrongWrongly

9. Lively -> Lively

Examples of Irregular Adverb

– All the team played very well today.

– Can you run as fast as Mike?

– She has worked hard all her life.

– Ellen has to work late tonight.

– They must have come home early.

– The zoo is open daily.

– She was looking straight at me.

– You’ve spelled my name wrong.

– Men clustered and chattered lively in groups.

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Irregular Adverbs in English

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