Idioms About NATURE: 10 Interesting Nature Idioms in English

There are many English idioms based on Nature and natural phenomena. Here is a list of Interesting Idioms About NATURE in English with some nature idioms examples.

Common Idioms About NATURE

Here are 10 Nature Idioms with their meanings.

1. A shrinking violet

Meaning:  A shy person

2. On cloud nine

Meaning: Very happy

3. Cuts no ice

Meaning: Doesn’t have any effect or influence

4. Calm before the storm

Meaning: Unusual or false quiet period before a period of upheaval

5. Stealing my thunder

Meaning: Making people pay attention to you

6. In the air

Meaning: Happening or about to happen

7. Many moons ago

Meaning: A very long time ago

8. A ray of sunshine

Meaning: Something that brings happiness to someone

9. Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Very rarely

10. Out of the woods

Meaning: Out of danger

Nature Idioms Examples

Below are some nature idioms examples.

  • She was quite a shrinking violet until she left home and went to university.
  • He was on cloud nine after winning the competition.
  • That sort of romantic attitude cuts no ice with money-men.
  • Charity should have recognized it as the calm before the storm, but she didn’t.
  • It all happened many moons ago.
  • Her visit brought a ray of sunshine into the old man’s life.
  • We go out to eat once in a blue moon.
  • The nation’s economy is not out of the woods yet.

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Interesting Idioms About NATURE

Idioms About NATURE

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