10 Popular English Idioms about Friendship and Relationships

Idioms and expressions are important parts of any literary or dialectic culture. There are many English idioms and expressions about friendship and relationships that have an important place in modern culture. Here are some idioms about friendship that are used every day and some friendship idioms examples.

English Idioms about Friendship

Here are ten English language idioms about friendship and relationships which will no doubt be helpful when you speak English with others.

1. Like two peas in a pod
Meaning: Very similar

2. To be as thick as thieves
Meaning: To be very close or friendly

3. To bury the hatchet
Meaning: To end a conflict

4. To clear the air
Meaning: To defuse the tension

5. A shoulder to cry on
Meaning: Someone who listens to your problems

6. Strike up a friendship
Meaning: To become friends

7. To see eye to eye with someone
Meaning: To agree with someone

8. Friends in high places
Meaning: Has friends who have important or influential positions

9. To know someone inside out
Meaning: To know someone very well

10. To build bridges
Meaning: To promote friendly relations between people or groups

Friendship Idioms Examples

What are examples of idioms on friendship?

Below are some friendship idioms examples for students.

  • The twins are like two peas in a pod.
  • They have been as thick as thieves for all of their lives.
  • If I were you, I’d bury the hatchet.
  • They held a meeting to clear the air.
  • She needed a real shoulder to cry on.
  • It’s easy to strike up a friendship with people you meet on holiday.
  • I don’t see eye to eye with him.
  • We have friends in high places, they said.
  • Peter needs to try and build bridges with Lizzie.
  • We know each other inside out.

Idioms about Friendship | Infographic

Useful English Idioms about Friendship

Idioms about Friendship

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