EITHER OR: How to Use Either Or in a Sentence

Either or is used in affirmative sentences to offer a choice between two possibilities, or to express a cause-effect relationship. In this lesson, we will learn how to use Either … or in English and show some example sentences.


  • Either is used as conjunction so we can express alternatives and/ or a choice between two things or people.
  • Either or is a correlative conjunction. We use either or to connect things which are the same types, phrases, clauses or words.

We use either… or… to connect items which are the same grammatical type. For example:

  • Either dye or paints are used to color cloth.
  • It’s the kind of movie you either love or hate.
  • Either my father or my brothers are coming.
  • The young men were assessed as either safe or unsafe drivers.
  • A door must be either shut or open.
  • You add either one or two cloves of garlic.
  • You can either write or phone to request a copy.
  • I think she’s either Russian or Polish.
  • You must either stay at home or come with us.
  • Either she goes or I go.
  • It’s either me or her. You can’t have it both ways.
  • Either John or Jane has to give up their job.
  • I left it either on the table or in the drawer.
  • She knew she could either admit the truth or brazen it out.
  • Either you leave now or I call the police!
  • If either David or Janet comes, they will want a drink.
  • You’re either with me or against me.
  • I’m going to buy either a camera or a CD player with money.

How to Use EITHER OR | Infographic

How to Use Either Or in English Sentences

How to Use EITHER OR

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