DESPITE vs ALTHOUGH: What’s the Difference?

DESPITE vs ALTHOUGH. Despite and Although are both used to contrast two things, but the difference is in the structure of the sentences.

In this lesson, we learn the differences between Despite vs Although and how to use them correctly.


What’s the difference between Despite and Although?



  • Despite the bad weather, we enjoyed ourselves.
  • Despite the criticisms, she remained defiant.
  • She looked lovely, despite her strange apparel.
  • He’s an ordinary bloke, despite being famous.
  • The plants are growing in again, despite the drought.
  • Despite all the difficulties, he still remains optimistic.


  • Although is a subordinating conjunction.
  • After although we use a clause.
  • Although can link clauses.


  • They are generous although they are poor.
  • Although she is young, she is very independent.
  • Although he was ill, he went to work.
  • Although she often disagreed with me, she was always courteous.
  • They got on well together although they were total strangers.
  • I recognized Peter although I hadn’t seen him for 10 years.

Difference between Despite and Although | Picture

Despite vs Although

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