Correlative Conjunctions: Useful Correlative Conjunctions List and Examples

Correlative Conjunctions!!! Learn the correlative conjunction definition, correlative conjunctions list, and examples.

Correlative Conjunctions List

Correlative Conjunction Definition:

Correlative conjunctions work in pairs and relate one sentence element to another. They include pairs such as both and, either or, neither nor, not but and not only but also.

Learn the Correlative Conjunctions List in English.

There are many pairs of correlative conjunctions. This list contains many of the most commonly used pairs.

  • Both … and
  • Either … or
  • Neither … nor
  • Not only … but also
  • So … as
  • Whether … or
  • As … as
  • As much … as
  • No sooner … than
  • Rather … than
  • If … then
  • Hardly … when
  • Scarcely … when
  • What with … and
  • Such … that
  • So … that

Correlative Conjunctions Examples

Here are some correlative conjunctions examples:

  • The fluid includes both gasses and liquids.
  • Either dye or paints are used to color cloth.
  • Love is neither bought nor sold.
  • She is not only a novelist but also a poet.
  • She was uncertain whether to stay or leave.
  • Helen comes to visit me as often as she can.
  • No sooner had he sat down than the phone rang.
  • She had hardly sat down when the phone rang.
  • He came to such a sudden stop that we almost hit him.
  • He was so weak that he could hardly stand up.
  • Scarcely had the game started when it began to rain.
  • She would rather spend than save.
  • He not only studies hard but also works well.
  • If that is the case, then I’m not surprised about what’s happening.

Correlative Conjunction | Infographic

Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative Conjunctions: Useful Correlative Conjunctions List and Examples 1

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