10 Common Collocations with LOSE in English

Here is a list of useful collocations with LOSE in English you should know.

Useful Collocations with LOSE

Common Collocations with the word LOSE.

1. Lose weight – She is trying to lose weight.

2. Lose money – The business will lose money if it doesn’t modernize.

3. Lose the way – Stay by me, I don’t want you to lose the way.

4. Lose one’s mind – “What a terrible thing it is to lose one’s mind.”

5. Lose the match – Unless England improves their game, they’re going to lose the match.

6. Lose a game – It would be a major upset for the Minutemen to lose a game at home.

7. Lose something – Sit down or you’ll lose your seat.

8. Lose consciousness – The blow caused him to lose consciousness.

9. Lose one’s temper – It signs that he will lose his temper.

10. Lose a family member – She’d rather die than lose the children.

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Useful Collocations with LOSE

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