Classroom Language: 29 Useful Classroom English Expressions for ESL Students

Classroom English!!! Below is some common classroom language for ESL Learners. They are different useful sentences that students can use in class to communicate with their teacher in English.

Classroom Language For Students

This is a list of common English Classroom Phrases you should know.

  • I am sorry. I did not hear.
  • Can I go to the toilet?
  • May I join the class/group?
  • Sorry, for being late.
  • May I open/ close the window?
  • May I go out, please?
  • Can you explain it once more, please?
  • What page are we on?
  • I am ready. May I start it?
  • Can you speak louder, please?
  • Which book?
  • Can you explain that again?
  • Where is the exam?
  • Can I come in?
  • Can I pull up the blinds?
  • Can I pull down the blinds?
  • Can you help me, please?
  • Can I go out?
  • Can I answer the question?
  • Can I switch off the lights?
  • What is the homework?
  • Do we have to write this down?
  • Is that right?
  • Is this correct?
  • When is the homework for?
  • I have done this.
  • Can I open the window?
  • Can we pack our things now?
  • Can I go to the board?

Useful Classroom English Phrases | Infographic

Useful Classroom Language

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