Another vs Other vs the Other: How to Use them in English Sentences

Another vs Other vs the Other. What is the Difference between Another, Other, and the other? This lesson helps you learn how to use these words correctly in your sentences.

Another vs Other vs the Other

When to Use ANOTHER

Another is used with singular countable nouns. It means one more, an alternative.


  • Can you manage another piece of cake?
  • You wouldn’t remember me. I was in another group.
  • He tried his fortune in another city.

When to Use OTHER

Other is used with plural or uncountable nouns. It means different, additional or extra.


  • Does life exist on other planets?
  • We disputed with each other on various issues.
  • I’m sorry, but I have other plans.

When to Use THE OTHER

The other is used with singular nouns, plural nouns, countable or uncountable nouns. It means the second of two things, people or animals.


  • Sally is starting to play with the other children.
  • While the other children played together, Ted ignored them.
  • The grass is greener on the other side.

Difference between Another, Other, and the Other | Infographic

Another vs Other vs the Other

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