40 Useful Adjectives of Quantity in English | Definition and List

Adjectives of quantity answer the question “HOW MUCH”. They are some, little, much, enough, sufficient, insufficient, all, whole, great, any,… In this lesson, we learn quantity adjective definition, list, and some quantity adjectives examples.

What is an Adjective of Quantity?

Quantity adjective definition: Adjectives of quantity as the very name suggests describes the quantity, these adjectives help to show the amount or the predicted amount of the noun or pronoun. In short, the adjective showing the number of nouns or pronouns is called Adjective of Quantity.

Quantity adjectives examples:

  • There was food enough for all.
  • They shook hands and went their several ways
  • Workers have completed most of their work.
  • I have bought some pencils

List of Adjectives of Quantity

Here is a list of adjectives of quantity in English.

  • Whole
  • Enough
  • Little
  • All
  • Hundred
  • No
  • Some
  • Sufficient
  • Any
  • Few
  • Most
  • Heavily
  • Empty
  • Great
  • Couple
  • Half
  • Much
  • Insufficient
  • Abundant
  • Light
  • Numerous
  • Single
  • Substantial
  • Hundreds
  • Double
  • Sparse
  • Each
  • Full
  • Huge
  • Several
  • Significant
  • A couple of days
  • A lot
  • Too
  • Many
  • Heavy
  • Lots of
  • A little bit
  • Plenty of
  • Enough of

Quantity Adjectives in English | Infographic

Useful Adjectives of Quantity

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